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What People Are Saying!

"...the short and sassy Mack very nearly steals the show with her broadly comic delivery and absolute command of the stage..."

-Jeffrey Ellis (Broadway World) Read More

"...Brittney Mack and Rendell DeBose alternate between providing expertly delivered comedic relief..."

-Discover Clarksville Read More

"...Brittney Mack as the spitfire teen Lorraine, and Josh Paul Moore as Dean her buttoned-up boyfriend, are dead-on..."

-Jeanné McCartin (The Seacoast) Read More

"...OK, so one ensemble member stands out, it's near impossible to take your eyes off Brittney Mack as the Zombie, funny as hell- as it should be in a show with theis theme"

-Jeanné McCartin (The Seacoast) Read More

"...While Dwan Kristie Hayes and Brittney Mack take turns out-diva-ing each other as a mother-daughter sass act..."

-Kerry Lengel ( Read More

"...Dynamites...Brittney hot trio modeled after the Supremes. The Dynamites are terrific, too; in red-sequined dresses, they belt out the motown sound like you haven't heard it in years and dance like the Rockettes on steroids..."

-Dave Christner (New Port Mercury)

"...Individually there is tremendous vocal talent in this show...Brittney Mack..."

-Marylou Butler (South Kingstown Patch) Read More

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